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Unison – Secure synchronization of 2 computers

When not writing on my blog I am doing my master thesis in physics at the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen. At the university I use my subnotebook and at home I have a more powerful desktop with a bigger … Continue reading

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Autofs and sshfs – the perfect couple

What is sshfs and why is it so great?
sshfs is a file system in userspace (FUSE) and can be used to mount a remote ssh account locally in a folder. This is absolutely great – If I need to work … Continue reading

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KDE 4 – Screencast and first impressions

Like most geeks I needed to see the latests and greatest as soon as possible. So I downloaded the KDE 4 iso file from Kubuntu’s page and mounted it in VirtualBox to see what it was all about. I created … Continue reading

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Presentations with LaTeX beamer class – KU style

What is LaTeX beamer class?
The Beamer class is used to make presentation in LaTeX. This gives you the power of regular LaTeX with great math rendering and a easy support of vector graphics into your presentation. Beamer class presentations appear … Continue reading

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