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Using listings to include code in LaTeX

During the last year I have written several small Matlab programs which I needed to include in my masters thesis which I am writing in LaTeX. The easiest way to do this is using the LaTeX package called listings.

This package … Continue reading

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Supporting non-technical users through remote desktop

The problem
In ideal world every user knows how to forward ports in NAT routers, use perl-scripts to knock on firewalls, establish ssh-tunnels and start a vncserver. The world is indeed not ideal and from time to time I wish to … Continue reading

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Lenovo X200 and suspend under Ubuntu 8.10

I had the problem that my brand new Lenovo X200 wouldn’t wake up from suspending under Ubuntu 8.10. My laptop would go to sleep just fine and display the green moon but when waking up again the computer would freeze … Continue reading

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