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My master thesis: Receiver function modeling

After many years of studies I have finally finished my degree in geophysics from the University of Copenhagen. It all ended when I handed in my thesis the 15 December and defended it the 5 February. The thesis can be … Continue reading

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Viscous fingers on old speakers

Saturday night Martin P. Haspang, Kåre H. Jensen and I played around with cornstarch and water. Mixed together this will create a non-newtonian fluid. This fluid appears almost solid when high stresses are applied such as a hit with a … Continue reading

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Writing a CV in LaTeX

I have recently ended my master thesis at the university and needed to have a nice looking CV to show future employers. I have been using LaTeX for all my work at the university and saw no reason to start … Continue reading

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Silly european Steam pricing

I am a big fan of the “Total War” series and the 4 march 2009 the newest addition to the family was published, Empire: Total War. The quickest and easiest way for me to obtain the game would be by … Continue reading

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