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Migrating a wordpress blog – mysql charset problems and backup script

The, now previous, hosting company of my wife’s blog had a major data corruption and completely lost a years worth of database entries and files. There was no communication before we found the problem ourselves, so we were very unhappy … Continue reading

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Replacing a failed disk in a mdadm RAID

I have a RAID5 with 4 disks, see Rebuilding and updating my Linux NAS and HTPC server, and from my daily digest emails of the system I discovered that one of my disk had issues. I found the following in … Continue reading

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Migrate from RAID 6 to RAID 5 with mdadm

I have been using a quite secure setup for the last couples of years with a 4 drive RAID 6 setup. This setup can tolerate two disk failures without any data loss. Recently though, I have been getting close to … Continue reading

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Completely silent and powerful workstation, spring 2013

Someone in my close family needed a update for a workstation primarily used for emailing, browsing, audio and light video editing. The computer was never used for any 3D demanding games, so no separate GPU was needed, provided that I … Continue reading

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YABI – Yet Another Boids Implementation (simulation of flocking animals)

Just before I started my paternity leave I saw a documentary about flocking animals and how these can be modeled in computer simulation. I found it very exciting and eagerly thought I could implement a simulation in a days work. … Continue reading

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