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Setting up a Day of Defeat Source/Counter Strike Source dedicated server on Linux

Even though there is some information on how to setup a dedicated server source server on a Linux based system the articles are often old or to generic for my liking. I have written this article to help other people … Continue reading

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Kubuntu/Ubuntu 8.04 bugs and solutions

Over the week I have installed Ubuntu and Kubuntu 8.04 on 6 computers and to sum it up – I am not that impressed. I have experienced quite a few bugs and even though I found solutions to most of … Continue reading

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WordPress 2.2.2, phpAlbum og Adsense

Der er gået et stykke tid siden at jeg havde opdateret WordPress og phpAlbum, så i dag tog jeg mig tiden til at lave en fuld backup og derefter opdatere begge systemer. Jeg brugte tidligere WordPress 2.1, men havde nogle … Continue reading

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