I was born and raised in Copenhagen where I have lived all my life except 6 months in which I studied on the Arctic island Svalbard and now I am living together with my girlfriend Pernille Petersen (classical flute player) and our baby daughter. I have always been very interested in computers and science and by studying physics and later geophysics I had the possibility to combine these two subjects.

During my studies I started an IT consultant company to gain experience and spend my extra time doing something I liked. I also have 7 years of experience as editor and at periods editor-in-chief of the Niels Bohr Institute sponsored magazine Gamma.

For the last few years I have worked as an inversion geophysicist and Linux systems administrator at Schlumberger and this has given my a great amount experience with quality control and workflows. Beside doing inversions I have also been maintaining a population of Linux servers – and this combination is in my view a perfect blend of IT and geophysics.

In private I write technical articles about Linux on this blog. The blog has been surprisingly popular compared to the small audience and is now (March 2012) averaging around 29.000 unique visitors per month.

Common for both disciplines, IT and geophysics, is that I love solving problems the right way the first time around. Even though this is often a bit more time-consuming at first I have found it always to reward me later in terms of both effectiveness and sheer pleasure.

Curriculum Vitae
My CV can be downloaded here cv.pdf and if you are interested on reading how to make a CV in LaTeX I can recommend my article: Writing a CV in LaTeX.

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