Easy Ubuntu 8.04 install without a CD

Even though I have already written, UNetbootin – Installing Linux without a CD, I hope that others can benefit from UNetbootin when installing Ubuntu 8.04. I never do upgrades but always fresh installs as I like to do some house-cleaning when upgrading to a new version of a OS. As I have a separate /home partition this doesn’t affect any of my settings and only takes 2 hours which is comparable to the upgrade option from within 7.10. The process is also made easy since I have a TODO list to install all the programs I use all the time: Favorite programs – Linux

What does UNetbootin do?
UNetbootin creates a boot option in GRUB or the Windows bootloader that will download the installation files directly from the internet and start the installation. I find the very attractive since I don’t have to download or burn any CD’s. It works from within both Windows and Linux and there is a lot of distributions which can be installs this way beside Ubuntu 8.04. The process is also ideal with my IBM Thinkpad X30 subnotebook which doesn’t have any optical drives.

The first thing to install is the dependencies of UNetbootin:

root@dirac:/home/tjansson# aptitude install ms-sys syslinux p7zip-full libqt4-gui

Download the program from:
The next step is to make downloaded program executable and afterwards run it with administrative rights:

tjansson@dirac:~$chmod +x unetbootin-linux-191
tjansson@dirac:~$sudo ./unetbootin-linux-191

The next thing to do is to select the distribution to install and where to install it on the hard disk or on a USB-pen.

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