SSH keys between and openssh’s clients

I have two machines I wish to work between using ssh and public keys. One machine is running Solaris 8 with SSH from the comercial and the other machine is a a newly installed Linux machine running OpenSSH. The problem is that they have different key types and these keys needs to be converted.

For those who are not familiar with SSH keys such can be created by running the command (goes for both OpenSSH and

ssh-keygen -t dsa

The keys will be located in the folder .ssh/ on a OpenSSH machine and in .ssh2/ on a machine running

Converting the keys
Converting both from and to’s needs to be done on the machine running OpenSSH since this is only possible in ssh-keygen from OpenSSH.

  • From OpenSSH to ( is a OpenSSH key)
    tjansson@dirac:~/.ssh$ssh-keygen -e -f >
  • From to OpenSSH ( is a key)
    tjansson@dirac:~/.ssh$ ssh-keygen -i -f >

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