Impressive – presentation using pdf and python

Next week I will be finishing my studies in physics at the University of Copenhagen. In this connection I am to defend my thesis at a public examination. I have created my presentation in LaTeX using the beamer class, see Presentations with LaTeX beamer class – KU style and normally I would just have shown the PDF in full screen. But recently I read about impressive at and and this little piece of software actually provides some useful features to a presentation.

impressive is a 150 kb python script that utilizes the graphical engine in the pygame library to create stunning presentation normally not possible when using PDF files. This it not easy to describe in word so here is a screencast:

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Using the builtin GPS in a Thinkpad X200 under Linux

I recently purchased a Lenovo Thinkpad X200 laptop with a builtin Ericsson F3507g mini-pci card. This card supports both 3G networks and even more interestingly GPS. I have no use for the 3G functionality at the moment so I haven’t signed up for any service. I did however have a old SIM card laying around and that is all that is needed to get the GPS up and running. The SIM card is no longer active but the GPS in the F3507g card will not work if the SIM card is not present.

Installing the SIM card
The SIM card is installed underneath the battery on the computer
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