Härjedalen 2009

I uge 7 var jeg med Pernille, Finn, Annette, Signe og Kåre på skiferie på Ramundbjerget i Härjedalen i Sverige

Det var en smule koldt da vi kom, men det blev heldigvis varmere i løbet af ugen.

Vores lejlighed lå midt på skibakken, hvilket var virkeligt fedt både nemt at komme til og fra. 🙂

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Using par to reformat paragraphs in vim

While writing my masters thesis I used a surprisingly large amount of time on reformatting my paragraphs in vim. I wanted paragraphs with a line width of 79 characters and even though my .vimrc had the setting set textwidth=79 to wrap the text automatically I spent a lot time manually reformatting certain paragraphs. New paragraphs will be well formated but when editing a already well formated paragraph the problem arises.

Reformating text is a waste of time and after a little research I found a great tool called par, see http://www.nicemice.net/par/. The Wikipedia article states:

The command effectively replaces white characters with space characters while revising word connections and line transitions for a more easily read text block. It also understands the conventions commonly used for quoting in email replies, and is capable of intelligently reformatting these several levels deep while rewrapping the text they quote.

Installing par on any modern Linux version is quite simple:

root@bohr:~# aptitude install par

Integrate with vim
Using par from within vim is quite simple. In this example I have found a ugly formatted paragraph from my thesis:
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Fullcircle magazine – my desktop

I have been reading the quite excellent free magazine called Full Circle Magazine since it started. It is oriented towards Ubuntu users and covers software reviews and introductory tutorials on programming.

In the back of the magazine there is a section called “My desktop” and for some reason I couldn’t resist the opportunity to mail my desktop to the editors. In this edition 21 my desktop was shown. I hope this will increase the use of gkrellm and yakuake throughout the community as these are my favorite programs. 🙂
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