Sinthgunt – an easy frontend for ffmpeg

For a while my good friend Kåre Hartvig Jensen and I have been coding on a project called sinthgunt. Sintgunt started out as a python pet-project for the two of us to learn creating GUI’s using python-gtk. As it is almost always the case development is very fast in python and quickly we had created something useful. In fact we found it so useful that we believe others would benefit from our work and hence we published the code on
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Server monitoring with Munin

On a daily basis I monitor servers and local computers with gkrellm, see This is a great tool to stay current with the work load, disk usage and network activity on computers, but I wanted something to show me the same graphs even when I was not at the computer.

In contrast to gkrellm munin monitors servers 24/7 and saves and updates the graphs to webpage running on the munin server. As an example the following picture is the memory load on my server:

Check out for an example of munin monitoring several severs.
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