Rebuilding and updating my Linux NAS and HTPC server

This article is a continuation/update to my article:
Building a powerful, cheap and silent Linux NAS and HTPC server.
UPDATE: Now contains a section on converting from Raid 5 to Raid 6.

Heavy lightning and rain in Copenhagen killed my server

On the 2 of July 2011 Copenhagen had a very heavy storm with 150mm of rain falling in less than three hours and the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) recorded 18,602 lightning strikes in the same period, see [english]. Beside flooding the basement and destroying old papers and notes the lightning also killed of my newly build server and my old DD-WRT modded WRT54GL router. Now a month later I have bought most of the components to rebuild the server and a new Asus RT-N56U gigabit router.

The insurance company investigated the hardware and found it to completely wasted, but I had the option to by back my hard drives, so I could try to recover the data. Luckily my hard drives were all intact and I could rebuild my server with new hardware.

Updated hardware list

The list is still based on the guide Silent Home Server Build Guide [], but now with an updated motherboard and CPU.