My master thesis: Receiver function modeling

After many years of studies I have finally finished my degree in geophysics from the University of Copenhagen. It all ended when I handed in my thesis the 15 December and defended it the 5 February. The thesis can be downloaded here: thesis.pdf (11 mb)

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Viscous fingers on old speakers

Saturday night Martin P. Haspang, Kåre H. Jensen and I played around with cornstarch and water. Mixed together this will create a non-newtonian fluid. This fluid appears almost solid when high stresses are applied such as a hit with a finger or spoon. With lower stresses the fluid will behave as a fluid. In this video my girlfriend demonstrating the features of the fluid:

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Writing a CV in LaTeX

I have recently ended my master thesis at the university and needed to have a nice looking CV to show future employers. I have been using LaTeX for all my work at the university and saw no reason to start using anything else to create my CV.

Unfortunately there is no official CV template for latex but a a friend of mine, Stine Kildegaard directed me in the direction of resume.cls file at This class is again based on the work found in I have personally hacked this template a bit my self to get wide margins and better fit for a A4 paper.

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Silly european Steam pricing

I am a big fan of the “Total War” series and the 4 march 2009 the newest addition to the family was published, Empire: Total War. The quickest and easiest way for me to obtain the game would be by buying and downloading the game directly from within steam, but for some strange reason the prices are much higher than the retail price including DVD’s, booklets and such.


50 EUR – Download from steam.
35 EUR – DVD’s and booklets from danish web shop including shipping.

I do not really care for the future of steam but it saddens me to see their potential being wasted like this. I would love to get rid of the silly DVD’s and have the game on the day it was released but since the price for this option is so high I do not mind the delivery and the sound of my noise DVD-drive.

Logically the steam price should be lower since they have close to zero distribution costs beside server running costs, doesn’t have to print DVD’s, booklets or compete with a retailer for a cut of the profit.

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