Sinthgunt – an easy frontend for ffmpeg

For a while my good friend Kåre Hartvig Jensen and I have been coding on a project called sinthgunt. Sintgunt started out as a python pet-project for the two of us to learn creating GUI’s using python-gtk. As it is almost always the case development is very fast in python and quickly we had created something useful. In fact we found it so useful that we believe others would benefit from our work and hence we published the code on

Even though many other ffmpeg GUI’s exist we believe that the projects features contributes to the ease of using ffmpeg and as such deserves a place on the internet. The features of sinthgunt are:

  • Sinthgunt is an easy to use gui for ffmpeg
  • It has more than 100 pre-configured conversion settings
  • It automatically detects which presets are supported by your version of ffmpeg
  • It is easy to extend, since the conversion settings are stored in a xml file
  • Sinthgunt is purely open source, written in Python and licensed under GNU GPLv3

On our wikipage detailed installation instructions for Ubuntu 8.10/9.04/Debian, openSuse 11, Fedora 10 and Mandriva 2009.1 can be found here wiki – installation.

The strange name
One could argue that sinthgunt is not the most obvious name for a new project but since other obvious names as ffmpeg-gui and easy-ffmpeg was already spoken for sinthgunt became the name of the game. For those interested I can also reveal that the horses in the logo refer to horses in the wikipedia article:

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