A very simple random coffee bot for slack

After using www.randomcoffees.com successfully for a while we started receiving errors such as:

/randomcoffees failed with the error "operation_timeout"

I know www.randomcoffees.com are working on this, but it also meant that we were not getting any coffee dates, so I wrote a very simple random coffee bot for slack that takes all the members in a channel and randomly matches them up for a coffee date, and writes the matches back in the same channel. We run it weekly in a scheduler, but could it also be called manually. The implementation is fairly simple and looks back in the channel history to find previous matches (history was added 2020-03-28).

When www.randomcoffees.com works again I would recommend using this again as it lots less work than maintaining this code, but for now, it is a drop-in replacement.

The code is available here:

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